Preserve and Enhance your family History through Christmas with Famicity!

Those who know me well know how much I LOVE Famicity, not only the app but the whole spirit linked to this start up. They have this great kickstarting energy that’s so much needed in Europe, kuddos to them!

( In fact I even fell in love so much with the idea of setting a private family and genealogy network that I perhaps was the last one to update the app on my phone, How vintage is that ? 🙂 )

What I really enjoy with this app is the idea that I can create an album and connect it with whoever I want on the spot whenever and whenever I am 😉 ) . I had a meal in Brussels with my best friend living in London yesterday and immediately created an album showing us meeting  ! Going to RootsTech in February ? Not a problem! Public, Friends and Relatives will be able to follow it through the app!

That was fab!

Same for the children. I’m not really one to share the kids faces online because you never know who’s watching and I like the safety side of sharing it with loved ones in a private network.

Christmas is a time for coming together, celebrating and creating memories. For those that may not
live close to their loved ones, Famicity, a new website that combines preserving your family history
and new memories, is offering its service free-of- charge throughout the busy festive period to share
those treasured moments. Famicity is a safe and secure social media network that allows users to
share photos, documents, family trees and other memories directly with their network whilst
retaining full ownership of their uploaded data.

From charting your baby’s development safely to sharing your family’s history, every user has the
opportunity to create a timeline for their most precious memories and share with their network by
tagging relatives and approved users. All data is protected and owned by the user alleviating any
data privacy issues and providing the user complete control to edit and delete at their convenience.

Expertly designed with all levels of technology users in mind, Famicity provides a smooth and
intuitive user experience. The simple look and feel of the site affords users the opportunity to
navigate through Famicity with ease whilst delivering a fully responsive experience via a seamless
transition from desktop to mobile. Users can also receive real-time email and text notifications of
any uploads ensuring no moment is ever missed.

Since it launched earlier this year, Famicity has been investing in strong relationships with key
partners such as Ancestry, MyHeritage and FamilySearch to help make a significant contribution to
the growth of preserving old and new memories online. Users can take advantage of the GEDCOM
import feature and digitally share their family trees with ease.

Genealogist and historian, Dr Nick Barratt commented: “I’ve worked with many genealogy sites over
the years but I’m very excited about the launch of Famicity as it truly helps users record and
preserve memories in the most efficient way for everyone and not just expert social media users.
The holidays bring a great deal of joy as well as challenges of what is shareable on social media. This
site takes care of those concerns for users as well as eliminating storage issues we all encounter
frequently in the digital age.

In addition, the GEDCOM import feature is the icing on the Christmas pudding! It’s the best time of
year and way to honour your family by showcasing your family history research.”

Don’t miss any of your family’s beautiful moments through the festive period!

Visit Famicity to start your journey today !

Views are my own- No financial counterpart was received for this partnership (But mentioning Histoires de Familles when registering is always nice, thanks!)