Le salon de généalogie de Paris, de retour en 2018 !

C’est officiel, le salon de la mairie du 15e qui attire chaque année de plus en plus de visiteurs reviendra en 2018 les 15, 16 et 17 mars !

Petite particularité pour la prochaine édition, le jeudi sera ajouté au programme avec une matinée reservée aux scolaires !

Amis parisiens ou de plus loin, si vous avez des ancêtres belges et britanniques, je serais heureuse de vous aider à les retrouver à cette occasion ! Toutes infos sur www.associationarchivesetculture.com


Pour tout savoir sur les soeurs Brontës…

et plus spécialement les relations que les soeurs ont développé avec Bruxelles,

La « Brontê Society » qui, en Belgique, étudie l’oeuvre littéraire des membres de la famille Brontës organise ce week-end des conférences et visites en lien avec le sujet!

Le samedi, dés 10h auront lieu des conférences à Saint Louis ( Auditoire P61, entrée par la porte « Préfecture)

Le dimanche,il y aura une visite guidée des lieux symboliques marqués par le passage d’Emily et Charlotte à Bruxelles.

Les évenements ont lieu en anglais, mais sont accessibles aux non-membres contre participation aux frais !

Plus d’infos sur http://www.brusselsbrontegroup.org



Notre tristesse archivée

C’est au sein des Archives de la Ville de Bruxelles que s’effectue le méticuleux travail de classement, nettoyage et archivage des archives déposées par la Ville et concernant les tristes jours que Bruxelles a connu à la suite des attentats du 22 Mars 2016. Ces dessins, affiches, objets et manifestation de soutien venus du monde entier et déposés à la Bourse pendant plusieurs semaines ont été indicatées et permettront aux chercheurs,puis au public, de les consulter et de travailler sur la mémoire de ces tristes évenements.

Parmi ces archives se trouve sûrement le petit mot écrit par ma famille, le dessin des enfants, raison de plus pour être infiniment attachée à ces archives.


La Bourse de Bruxelles, 24 Mars 2016 ((c) Collection personnelle M. Cappart)
La Bourse de Bruxelles, 24 Mars 2016 ((c) Collection personnelle M. Cappart)





Viva Carnaval!

Somebody in the family from Binche, the famous carnival town? I’d like to hear about them!

One of my clients has « Gilles » (as the highly-coulored characters are called over here) from La Louviere but the difference between « Gilles » from Binche and Gilles from La Louvière is that those from LL can perform out of town which is strictly forbidden for Gilles from Binche! Now you know 😉

Happy Carnival!


Guide de la généalogie en Belgique : Bel RTL !

La Matinale de BEL RTL m’a bien gentillement invitée à venir présenter mon guide ce matin.

Un très chouette moment et plein de chouettes retours ! Patience, je répondrais à tout(e)s!






In the heart of the great War!

Links between civilians and the military forces will be the focus In Mons next October.

Call for papers’s deadline early March (see link for details) . Sounds promising!




How were Grandma’s cookies made ? With Love!

Savor your family’s history: Share your treasured recipes! Everybody has some! Even me (and I know I’m much better at family history than in a kitchen 🙂 )

From my gran’s christmas pudding to my mum’s cocoa iced cake to the cupcakes I help my daughter bake! On the salty side, I can exactly recall the perfume of pork and pickles and how my mum used to do lovely crab entrees for christmas ( did I just mentioned Christmas twice? 🙂 #missingchristmas )

What’s your favorite family recipe?





Innovation Showdown winner 2017!

OldNews USA Wins Top Honors at RootsTech 2017 Innovator Showdown

« Old news, it seems, is actually “new” news. Very innovative news in fact. Today at RootsTech, the world’s largest family history technology conference, OldNews USA took top honors in the 2017 Innovator Showdown, walking away with $95,000 in cash and in-kind prizes. OldNews is an android app designed to help users quickly discover their family in historical US newspapers. The app uses the Library of Congress “Chronicling America” collection of more than 11 million newspaper pages from 1789 to 1922 to deliver its results.

In front of a crowd of close to 14,000 live and online viewers, the six RootsTech Innovator Showdown finalists battled for $199,000 in cash and prizes and bragging rights in the rapidly-growing, multi-billion dollar family history industry. An experienced amateur genealogist, Bill Nelson of Auburn, Massachusetts, designed the program as a solution to tedious, difficult online newspaper searches. The OldNews USA app was designed to simplify and streamline the search process.

Using keywords, users can look for newspaper accounts of a person or topic with the option to look at articles of historical events. In a person search, you type names and dates into your mobile device and choose a location on Google Maps which produces a list of newspapers in the targeted geographic area for a time period. It brings up images of the actual newspapers with the name or event you are seeking highlighted so you can quickly locate it on the page. Images can be enlarged for easier access to detail.Nelson is a software developer by trade. “I was new to android and needed something to practice on. I had felt the pain points of newspaper research and thought ‘this would be a good project,’” he said. Initially he developed the app for his own use, then realizing it could help other researchers, he expanded it into a mobile app.

OldNews is compatible with Android devices, but Nelson is working to create an app for IOS devices and computers. With his winnings, he can now get business and technological assistance to accelerate development. While OldNews USA is designed to search US newspapers, he hopes to adapted the app for other countries.

The 5 finalists were whittled down from more than 40 applicants from the US and Europe. Each took three minutes to convince the panel of five judges and live audience that their product was deserving of a chunk of the $190,000 in cash and prizes.

The major sponsors of the Innovator Showdown this year included Amazon Web Services (AWS), Kickstarter Seed Fund, Sorenson Legacy Foundation, and others.

After each presentation, there was a four-minute question and answer period between each contestant and the judges. The judges then selected the top three winners, and the viewing audience selected the People’s Choice Award winner.

With $190,000 in cash and in-kind prizes and services from sponsors at stake—an increase of nearly $100,000 from the original projection—the pressure, tension, and energy of the event was tremendous.

2017 RootsTech Showdown Winners

First Place Judges’ Choice ($90,000 cash, AWS credits, and an investment from Kickstart Seed Fund), Bill Nelson of OldNews USA.
Second Place Judges’ Choice ($44,000 cash and AWS credits), The Qroma tag mobile app for embedding stories into pictures, tagging them by voice commands, and making the data accessible on various platforms.
Third Place Judges’ Choice Award ($26,000 cash and AWS credits), Louis Kessler, Double Match Triangulator, an app to help sort DNA matches into groups of relatives.
People’s Choice ($25,000 cash and AWS credits), Kindex, an app designed to help users create searchable, shareable archives of family letters and other documents using tags to help users easily locate information.
Emberall was the other finalist. It provides a method to capture and store pictures and videos creating an accessible archive.

The judges for the final round included Alan Doan, CEO of Missouri Star Quilt Company, John Richards, Founder and CEO of Startup Ignition, Kenyatta Berry, host of The Genealogy Road Show, Thomas MacEntee, founder of High-Definition Genealogy, and Dalton J. Wright, partner in Kickstart Seed Fund.

The Innovator Showdown, now in its third year, was designed to foster innovation in the family history industry. » (RT Press Release)


Bye Bye Roots Tech 2017!

Can’t believe RootsTech is already over! So many experiences, people met or things done! A lot to write about too! On various subjects and themes! This will come in the coming days/weeks/months to keep me/you/us waiting for next RootsTech which will take place on the 28th Fev/3March! This mean that all the frenchies will be flying from RootsTech to Paris show and that will be a sight but we’re ready and in the meantime there will be a lot to write about as promised!

Thanks a billion!! to FamilySearch for having made this show the greatest in the world!!! Thanks to fellow ambassadors, staff, visitors, speakers, guests, rookies and seasoned genealogists, catering and all!
Can’t wait to be next year!!!

Family Discovery Day At Roots Tech!

Is in full effets! Families all together , parents and children, grandparents even, all together to search and learn about their roots! It’s so great to see!! Exhibitors offers balloons, badges, pins, you name it and kids are running on errands trying to win at games or have a try at finding great-great-great-great-grandad in the various databases! Such fun! This year is also special with a cake contest and the cakes are all wonderful!!

Steve Lockwood, Familysearch CEO, is so right when he says we’re a great big family!

I so wish Roots Tech could last a year long! 🙂