The Great War from Below

Within the framework of the research project The Great War from Below the National Archives organizes an international colloquium on 3 March 2015 entitled The Great War from Below: between individual life courses and collective experiences. New sources, new perspectives.

The project studies the impact of the First World War on Belgian society and particular social groups via a sources analysis shedding light on personal experiences.

The colloquium pursues four goals:

Identifying new research instruments.
Analysing initiatives already taken by different actors in the field of social history of the First World War.
Raising awareness about sources that were only scarcely used so far.
Presenting current research (methods – aims).
Registration: Before 25 February 2015 via

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Roots Tech 2015!

Le plus grand salon généalogique au monde s’est cloturé ce 14 février 2015 célébrant les amoureux et leurs familles.
Je reviendrais plus longuement sur cette édition 2015 mais voici déjà quelques images pour vous plonger dans le bain… 🙂





Happy Carnival 2015!

An important event in Belgium is the celebration of Carnival all over the country but especially in places like Binche (Hainaut Province) , Alost (Flanders) and Malmedy ( German Province of Belgium)

In Binche, the famous « Gilles » go out on the street in a fascinating cortege throwing oranges for the great delight of the public who try to catch them! The event is a sight and is even listed as a cultural treasure by the United Nations!

Only men from Binche or recognized as such can be members of one of the several Gilles societies. On the night of the « Mardi Gras » , the Gilles gathers on Binche Grand Place for a « Rondeau », a traditional dance! The whole thing is something to see if you have Belgian ancestors!

Happy Carnival!




Histoires de Familles will be at RootsTech 2015 and will help you find your continental europe ancestors by giving you tips, hints and more! I’m delighted to cross the ocean and meet you at this world scale event so if you have belgian, french or dutch ancestors come and meet me in Booth 100! I’ll be also presenting the freshest WWI Website of the country in his english-speaking version to be found at