Plus que 7 jours…

….pour bénéficier de la location des microfilms organisée par FamilySearch.

Après cela, il vous faudra compter sur les archives scannées et la patience de voir les microfilms désirés scannés. Il existera encore la possibilité de demander à ce que l’archive désirée obtienne une bonne place sur la liste prioritaire des travaux à scanner, mais il faudra s’armer de beaucoup de…

patience ! 🙂



How were Grandma’s cookies made ? With Love!

Savor your family’s history: Share your treasured recipes! Everybody has some! Even me (and I know I’m much better at family history than in a kitchen 🙂 )

From my gran’s christmas pudding to my mum’s cocoa iced cake to the cupcakes I help my daughter bake! On the salty side, I can exactly recall the perfume of pork and pickles and how my mum used to do lovely crab entrees for christmas ( did I just mentioned Christmas twice? 🙂 #missingchristmas )

What’s your favorite family recipe?




Research and support!

If you have ancestors in Belgium, Luxemburg, Northern France and (part of) The Netherlands, I can help you find them!  No matter if you need some infos only or a full tree, no research’s too small ! Every research is completed by a report of what found, what not and suggestions on where to look next!

Do contact me at BELGIANROOTS AT GMAIL  DOT COM for a quote and it will be my great pleasure to see what I can do for you!

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