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FamilySearch’s Top Record Collections of 2018

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (8 January 2019), In 2018, FamilySearch added hundreds of millions of searchable free images and indexes of historical records from all around the world. The records came from locations such as Germany, Sweden, France, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Mexico, and the United States. We thought we’d summarize those countries with the largest volume of new records and images for you and provide convenient links to help you quickly discover a few new ancestors. FamilySearch now has over 8 billion free names and record images.

Country Records and Images 
Australia 1,618,183
Brazil 1,591,900
England 9,948,263
France 12,010,885
Germany 85,357,860
Ireland 7,868,337
Italy 7,541,275
Mexico 63,530,408
Netherlands 18,018,230
Russia 1,032,510
South Africa 1,029,108
Sweden 45,910,699
United Kingdom 3,264,935
United States– Alabama 4,115,533
United States– California 6,055,650
United States Census 11,779,223
United States– Georgia 1,224,740
United States– Illinois 1,041,748
United States– Kansas 1,609,914
United States– Kentucky 1,561,926
United States– Michigan 1,570,493
United States– Native American Census Rolls 1,974,407
United States– New York 4,194,464
United States– New York Passenger Arrival Lists (Ellis Island), 1892-1924 3,243,589
United States– New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1891 (Castle Garden) 428,944
United States– New York, New York Passenger and Crew Lists, 1909, 1925-1957 5,192,064
United States– North Carolina 7,023,969
United States– Ohio 1,077,187
United States– Oklahoma 5,848,398
United States– Pennsylvania 1,236,748
United States– Vermont 2,401,944
United States– Veteran’s Administration 3,099,585
United States– Virginia 6,236,808
United States– West Virginia 1,158,909

What’s new for FamilySearch in 2019!

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (7 January 2019), The popular, free genealogy website,, announced its 2019 plans to enhance its record search and Family Tree search capabilities and introduce new interactive discovery experiences. FamilySearch is a global leader in the growing Family History market segment, serving 12 million users worldwide.

In addition to over 300 million additional historical records and images for family history discoveries, look for the following new offerings in 2019.

1. Online Interactive Discovery Experiences

For the first time, fun discovery experiences that have been available only at life-sized, interactive kiosks in select FamilySearch venues will also be available on in 2019. Making these three discovery experiences available online will expand the reach of the activities to more patrons globally.

  • All about Me

Have you ever wondered about the origin and meaning of your name or what events happened in the year you were born? The All about Meexperience will allow you to discover these fun things about yourself and also about your ancestors.

  • Picture My Heritage

This simple and fun experience lets you insert yourself digitally into traditional clothing related to your heritage. On Picture My Heritage, you can save your custom photos or share them with friends and family.

  • Record My Story

Priceless stories and memories from you or family members can be recorded on Record My Storyand added—by text or audio—to or downloaded to another source.

2. Family Tree and Friends, Associates, and Neighbor (FAN) Relationships

The free FamilySearch Family Tree will give users the ability to record other relationships to an ancestor beyond immediate family members, when applicable, such as friends, associates, and neighbors (FAN). This function will aid research by allowing users to record information about other people living in an ancestor’s household as noted in a historical record, such as boarders or staff.

FamilySearch will continue to develop site experiences that enable families to connect with their ancestral homelands near and far. will also provide more help throughout the site to make it easier for visitors to accomplish key tasks in a few simple steps.

3. Updated Find Capability

The FamilySearch Family Tree search capacity will be significantly updated to provide faster and better results. Another innovation will allow search engines such as Google to present names and limited facts from the Family Tree to online search queries without the searcher being signed into This feature will enable millions of people searching for their ancestors online to discover the vast, free services FamilySearch offers them.

4. Memories

Millions of people use FamilySearch Memories to record, preserve, and share their family photos, historical documents, and stories. In 2019, users will be able to record audio remembrances related to a photo they have uploaded. Memories will also give users the capability to organize items in an album according to their interests or needs.

5. RootsTech London 2019

RootsTech will hold an additional conference in 2019 in London, England.The first international version of the highly successful RootsTech family history conference will be held in London on October 24–26, 2019, at the ExCel London Convention Center.

The RootsTech London 2019 convention will not replace the annual conference in Salt Lake City (held on February 27–March 2, 2019) but will be an additional RootsTech event. Registration for RootsTech London opens in February 2019.

RootsCrew : The Angels of RootsTech !


Member of our Team

Believe it or not, RootsTech 2019 is just around the corner, and we, like you, are busy preparing and getting ready for the best RootsTech yet! We are always thinking as a team about ways that we can make your experience better. That being said, we are excited to introduce a new aspect of our RootsTech team: Roots Crew.

Roots Crew has one job at RootsTech: to spread joy! There are many ways that Roots Crew will fulfill this important responsibility. Here are just a few:

Message Roots Crew through our mobile app

As if you needed another reason to download the app! During conference time, an icon will be added to the home screen titled Roots Crew, where you can directly message the Roots Crew team questions, comments, and concerns. We take attendee feedback very seriously!

Social media

Have you ever tweeted at a company or brand when you’ve loved them or had problems with them? We recognize that social media is an important part of your experience at RootsTech and we love seeing what you have to share. In fact, we have quite a few classes dedicated to the use of social media (link to social media class blog).

Roots Crew will be listening to what you have to say online and looking for opportunities to solve customer problems and spread joy.

Solving problems

Have you ever been walking around and your shoelace broke? Have you developed blisters after a long day on your feet? Have you ever gotten lost while looking for a class? Have you ever spilled on your shirt during lunch? Do you worry that a screw or lens will pop out of your glasses while in a class? Any of those situations can be solved by Roots Crew!

If your shoelace breaks, message us in the RootsTech App and we’ll bring you a new one. Got blisters? We can bring you anti-chafe cream and moleskin. If you get lost searching for that perfect class or exhibitor booth, send us a tweet and we’ll help you find your way. Did you spill on your shirt at lunch? Roots Crew will swing by with stain remover. Did your glasses break? We’d be happy to show up with a repair kit.

So, whether you reach out to us on social media or through the app, Roots Crew will be there to help in any way they can. You will see them wandering around in special T-shirts, prepared to help with whatever situation you find yourself in, and giving away some free swag.

Download our app today on the App Store or Google Play Store.

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