Put your steps in the steps of your forefathers!

Come and see the land of your ancestors for yourself! Let me organise a tailored-made trip for you that will take you in an unique way to the places your ancestors lived and loved in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Northern France! Whether your family tree is already done or that you need a hand with it as well, there are lots of possibilities!  Where will your family history take you? Come and find out!




One « normal » day of 1953…

On this 5th day of the year, I’d like to share a nice visit I had two or three summers ago

On the 1st of february 1953, a giant flood made dozens of victims and hundrerds of homeless people in Zeeland. An interesting museum combining memory and knowledge shows the developpement of the day and the aftermath. What happened ? How come there were so many casualties ? How did the flooding affected the lives of the people of Zeeland ? the place provides with answers and such interesting facts, that you’ll get out of it with the feeling of having a more complete idea of those sad events.  Surely worth it if you have dutch ancestors in Zeeland or living relatives there! All infos are to be found at http://www.watersnoodmuseum.nl/NL/