Les racines de LeVar Burton à RootsTech !

La keynote de l’acteur de Star Trek n’avait laissé personne indifférent lors de son passage à RootsTech 2017 ! Son histoire émouvante et la découverte de ses racines avait été un moment fort, LE moment fort de l’événement et il restera longtemps dans l’esprit des participants. Je me rappelerais toujours avoir essuyé une larme tout en regardant mes voisins faire de même, en se lançant des regards complices. C’était un moment unique, une communion d’esprit et d’émotions qui ne laissa personne indifférent.

La video est visible ici :

De même qu’une interview de LeVar Burton sur la chaîne KSL :


Cette intervention de LeVar Burton est révélatrice des émotions qui peuvent être présentes à RootsTech et pas seulement lors des Keynote. Une information révélee pendant un atelier, une conférence ou une session d’information va peut-être venir débloquer une recherche…..et les émotions qui y sont liées.

J’ai donc hâte de découvrir toutes les belles émotions que RootsTech 2018 va nous apporter !


Day 3 of RootsTech smells of flour, sugar and ancestors!

And here it is for Day3 of our beloved Roots Tech! Sadly also the last! We had a great kick this morning with introdution by our Emcee Jason Hewlett and news on the DNA Front from Tim Sullivan from Ancestry !

After that, a very interesting CeCe Moore, the DNA Genealogist took us on her genie-biological trail and talked on how our genes are the future of family history. Are we going to physically see what our ancestors looked like one day? DNA sure helps with adoption questions too!

Then it was the turn of Buddy Valasko, TV Show Presenter and Cake entrepreneurs to take us into his family history journey and let us meet hos hard working dedicated father who came from Sicily as well as his mother and 4 (yes, 4!) sisters! He told us how his father came with nothing, started working low in a bakery that was to become his’s at his boss’s death and how he took over after his dad sadly died from cancer. He also told us how he started to do TV shows that are now aired with 20.1 Billions of audience!

Now it’s time for family discovery day, cake competitions and much much MUCH more!!!




Day 2 at Roots Tech : African American heritage celebration!

Day 2 of Roots Tech is already there and today s special for we celebrate african american heritage!

This morning,LeVar Burton, famous actor, author,producer told us on how his family history is important to him.We were all moved to tears from seeing him receiving personal infos on his family. That was quite an emotional moment we sure won’t forget!

Kenyatta Berry told us of the importance of names in afro american history.she herself was named after a strong leader in Kenya, « no pressure » she jokingly added! There were other stories and music too and we all left very moved by all this! Tonight will be cultural night so also more on the african-american heritage!

(pics on their way!!!)

On the side, classes are full and so is the hall, a brilliant edition you just don’t wanna miss tomorrow!










Roots Tech Day 1!

Hey!! Here it is!! Roots Tech’s open and guess what? It’s MASSIVE!

We had this great opening this morning with Steve Lockwood, Familysearch CEO telling us on how great it is to connect together especially through food and family recipes and this very special perfume of good things cooking in a Grandma’s kitchen with the children in awe!

We then had a great presentation by TV personalities The Scott Brothers who were fun, interesting AND Scots so that was really great!!!

Expo Hall is now open for the public to come and meet their ancestors and this is too brilliant, lectures will be starting too as well as labs and courses and billions of other things so I’ll keep you updated on that too!

More news later!