Roots Tech 2017 contest! Concours RootsTech 2017!

I’ve got the luck to be able to go to #RootsTech for the second year and I could meet one lucky winner there!

Soooooooooooooooo if you’re :
– Belgian
– Of Belgian Ascendance

and wish to enter my competition to win a RootsTech pass giving you access to this fab genealogical world show, it’s really easy! Just answer this simple question :

Which community founded Salt Lake City? ( can’t be easier!)

Bonus, if you have Belgian ancestors, I’d really really love to know your story more!

Be sure to drop me an email to BELGIANROOTS AT GMAIL DOT COM to enter with RT Competition in the subject so that I know It’s you! 🙂

Good Luck….and see you in Salt Lake?


( Planes, Hotels and any other expenses involved in the trip are at your cost 😉 )

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