Beautiful Ommegang!


Every year, Brussels celebrates the anniversary of the welcome procession of Charles V (known as Charles Quint) . Fire jugglers, acrobats, tale-tellers, dancers, flagthrowers are all in for a spectacular show on the most beautiful square of the world ( All right, confession time, my belgian ancestors helped rebuilding the square after it was bombed by french troops in 1695. Something I’m quite proud of)

This year was kind of special because Belgian national football team played Brazil and all the city was on football mode…even reenactors were watching the game on not-so-16th century smartphones in backstages. The show was even interrupted when Belgium scored against Brazil to announce the score 🙂

If you’re in Brussels that time of the year,you should definitively check it out!

It’s Ommegang time!

This colorful cortege start tonight with only two shows to remember the historical procession dating from the 14th century but reborn in the early 20th and now especially focusing on the 1549 edition when the burgers and the « nations » of Brussels were presented to  Emperor Charles Quint and his son Philippe II.

Definitively worth seeing if you’re in Brussels these days!