On my reading shelves!

I really love to read but it' »s not always easy with heavy schedule and work, it must have been be the first time I did this but I’ve read a lot this summer when I don’t usually take the needed time to do so or as much as I’d like to anyway. Being a vivid fan of the legend of the angels of Mons, I got to meet Jerred Metz on a day especially organised around this theme in the brand new Mons War Museum  . We had an all-english conversation table and then heard Jerred presented his work.

It was then than I discovered Jerred’s book and avidly read it as soon as I was on my train back home.

We follow the group of soldiers in all their adventures and sad fate. What I particulary liked about it was the relationship between the men, their different characters and the relationship with the superiors during those difficult times. Band Of Brothers, during WWI and only better. From Belgium to France, we are up to the head in the mud with the courageous boys and are confronted not only with BEF retreat but also with the intervention of the surreal and fantastic. Not to spoil but there’s also some glimpse of Conan Doyle in this book which makes it even more enjoyable. It’s important to note that Jerred is American but has perfectly pictured the story right and how I hate when « history » stories are mismatching reality!

Do not search for any in-depth analysis of the case of the Angels of Mons, this is not the point of this work and, I’d say, it would miss his entertaining goal had the author taken that path.  A must read for me!