Are you a Eurovision genealogist ? If Yes, read that post!

No surprise here, I’m a Eurovision fan! And the reason lies in my family History!

I have fond memories of my parents and me, specially cooking for the event, watching it live and late (all the countries were on the same night then). I had the right to stay up as long as Belgium was in the run and I was always feeling so special. On the next day, my mum would try a recipe from the winning country and I would learn facts about the country, which helped big times for my geography lessons!

So I’ve got a very fond memory of the contest and I try to continue the tradition in my own family.

Eurovision semi is already behind us. Congratulations to Eliot, the belgian candidate who sadly, didn’t make it to the final on Saturday but did us proud! Also sad for Portugal! I’m now supporting The Netherlands, France, Denmark and Australia (Have you seen that Frozen dress???)

Here are some ideas to spend time in a clever way before Thursday!

  1. Do Genealogy! Obviously!
  2. Discover Eliot’s Heritage (see below)
  3. Try to learn more about your other favorites candidates’s countries.Who Knows you might be a relative!!!
  4. Order a DNA kit  to do your own DNA EXPERIENCE! (And don’t forget, DNA testing is only a start to a research,not an end! And chromosomes/matches study is the most important tool!)
  5. Prepare with crafts for kids or special treats to eat coming from the countries you support! Here some ideas to get you started!!!
  6. Have fun with the special Eurovision-related activities like the Eurovision-Lookalike

Enjoy 2d semi final on Thursday before the grand final on Saturday!

And don’t forget : Dare to Dream!

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