Viva Carnaval!

Somebody in the family from Binche, the famous carnival town? I’d like to hear about them!

One of my clients has « Gilles » (as the highly-coulored characters are called over here) from La Louviere but the difference between « Gilles » from Binche and Gilles from La Louvière is that those from LL can perform out of town which is strictly forbidden for Gilles from Binche! Now you know 😉

Happy Carnival!


Carnival Time!

It’s that time of year when Carnivals take over Belgium, a subject on which all parts of the country agrees on (and that’s not often!) ,

You can read all over it here or come to Binche, the most famous cortege in the country! Immaterial culture of the UN and definitively worth seeing once in a lifetime! Party-goers are members of different historical societies and have to be born in the city to take part ! An ancestor coming from Binche? I could check if they took part in this unique (and historical 😉 ) event!

Happy Carnival 2015!

An important event in Belgium is the celebration of Carnival all over the country but especially in places like Binche (Hainaut Province) , Alost (Flanders) and Malmedy ( German Province of Belgium)

In Binche, the famous « Gilles » go out on the street in a fascinating cortege throwing oranges for the great delight of the public who try to catch them! The event is a sight and is even listed as a cultural treasure by the United Nations!

Only men from Binche or recognized as such can be members of one of the several Gilles societies. On the night of the « Mardi Gras » , the Gilles gathers on Binche Grand Place for a « Rondeau », a traditional dance! The whole thing is something to see if you have Belgian ancestors!

Happy Carnival!