Liege State Archives opens its doors…

This long week end was the ideal occasion for the Liege States Archives repository to opens its door and show the public their works, the collections they hold and all the staff is doing is preserve the collections and help the audience gaining access to those very interesting collections including The Archives of the Principalty of Liege and all major documents of the institutions of LIege region as well as Verviers a,d Stavelot. The repository is one of the oldest in Belgium, having been opened in 1794, a year before it became a legal obligation. The repository first was located in the of the Prince-Bishop then relocated in a building next to Jonfosse-Station, one of Liege well-known train stations. During the beginning of the battle of the buldge in December 1944, the collections suffered a bombing of the railways by V1 and V2s and a lot of precious document were destroyed if not by fire, by the snow. Luckily some of the documents escaped that terrible fate and were temporarily moved until a new building was open in the 1980’s in the borough of Droixhe. Just as it goes with other archives repositories, Liege State Archives are open to the public from Tuesday to Friday from 9.00am to 16.30 and the first saturday of each month.



Retour des Archives à Bruges

A la suite de la fin des travaux au dépôt des Archives de l’Etat à Bruges, les archives dépendant de ce dépôt et qui étaient jusqu’ici entreposés et consultables au dépôt de Beveren sont en train de retourner à Bruges, peut-être même déjà de manière complète à cette heure. Pour plus de renseignements sur les archives concernées, le mieux est de prendre contact avec l’un de ces deux dépôts dont vous trouverez l’adresse sur