21 Juillet 2016 ! 21st July 2016 !

Une belle fête nationale à toutes et tous,

que vos ancêtres se trouvent à Arlon, à Oostende ou viennent d’ailleurs !

( Et si vous ne savez pas d’où ils sont, n’hésitez pas à m’envoyer un petit message, ca sera un plaisir ! )


If your ancestors came from Belgium, I wish you a happy National Day on this 21st July, commemoration day of the moment King Leopold 1st swore to serve the newborn country (in 1831!)


A Belgian connection for Boris Johnson!

Boris Johnson new appointed Minister of Foreign Affair for the UK is a cousin to King of Belgium Philippe ! They have shared ancestors through Prince Paul of Würtemberg ( 1785-1852)

King Philippe descends from the Prince in the most official way possible while the new MFA is related to the Prince through a extra-matrimonial relationship ! M. Johnson also has connections to the US, Russia, Turkey…a man  with international roots indeed!

boris johnson