Day 2 at Roots Tech : African American heritage celebration!

Day 2 of Roots Tech is already there and today s special for we celebrate african american heritage!

This morning,LeVar Burton, famous actor, author,producer told us on how his family history is important to him.We were all moved to tears from seeing him receiving personal infos on his family. That was quite an emotional moment we sure won’t forget!

Kenyatta Berry told us of the importance of names in afro american history.she herself was named after a strong leader in Kenya, « no pressure » she jokingly added! There were other stories and music too and we all left very moved by all this! Tonight will be cultural night so also more on the african-american heritage!

(pics on their way!!!)

On the side, classes are full and so is the hall, a brilliant edition you just don’t wanna miss tomorrow!










Roots Tech Day 1!

Hey!! Here it is!! Roots Tech’s open and guess what? It’s MASSIVE!

We had this great opening this morning with Steve Lockwood, Familysearch CEO telling us on how great it is to connect together especially through food and family recipes and this very special perfume of good things cooking in a Grandma’s kitchen with the children in awe!

We then had a great presentation by TV personalities The Scott Brothers who were fun, interesting AND Scots so that was really great!!!

Expo Hall is now open for the public to come and meet their ancestors and this is too brilliant, lectures will be starting too as well as labs and courses and billions of other things so I’ll keep you updated on that too!

More news later!


RootsTech streaming schedule known!

And you can find it just right here !

This will give you the possibility to follow live sessions and talks from your very home which is great for people all around the world will be able to be there with us, following the same talks that we do! I had the occasion to test it on the years that I can’t attend and it’s brilliant (even if it needs a bit of organisation to set yourself on Salt Lake hours while being 8 hours (for me) later!) but still, it’s all worth it!! How great is that? 🙂


Edit : Thanks to Barbara Jones, there’s a schedule according to US Times which can be useful for european more used to convert time from Eastern to their own country! ( Thanks Thomas MacEntee for the precious link! You can subscribe to Thomas’s newsletter for all news!)

Great things to see and experience at RootsTech 2017 !

All genies around the globe are getting more excited than kids at Christmas, Roots Tech is getting near !

Meeting at the world capital of family history, thousands will gather to hear, talks,exchanges and discover around our common passion and motivation : genealogy ! I guess the best way to describe the experience is unbelievable !

There are :

– innovations shows where developers, IT people, social networkers and apps-mad crowd meet to build the family history products of tomorrow!

-Exhibitors Hall where companies and societies presents their services and more!

– Conferences, lectures and workshops : To learn from all kind of subjects ,from rookies know-how « I’d like to find my ancestors but haven’t got a clue » to very detailed points or subjects such as dutch, french, belgian 😉 , naval, army, soldiers ancestors and the set of records attached to each of the categories and much more!

This being the U.S. , there are studies and societies for every State and every community. A special attention this year will be to African Heritage with a special dedicated day (and the highlight of it, LeVar Burton, renowned actor from Star Trek, coming to share his genealogical experience and how you too can take part in this great journey!)

-There will be shows as well! I was quite and pleasantly surprised to discover that side of Roots Tech, last time I heard Choirs, popular singers and folkloric band, that was just awesome! My favorite show was a small one,in comparison to shows taking place in the big hall, it was a cow boy dance! Apart from one demo at the belgian national day one year, I had never seen one and  there you go, I was 5 years old again!

There are lots of great things to do, think of and discover at Roots Tech! It »s one of those shows where you leave with a better knowledge, new research paths or thoughts and yes too, feel a better person ! So I can’t wait to renew my RT experience again and meet old and new friends!

Come On’! Join the fun!
















7 Raisons d’aller à Roots Tech !

  • C’est un évenement mondial ! Des représentants du monde entier s’y retrouvent !
  • C’est l’endroit idéal pour faire le point et réflechir sur les nouvelles technologies innovantes dans le monde généalogique 2.0
  • Si vous avez des ancêtres aux USA, c’est également le moment de faire les contacts et prendre les infos nécessaires à la bonne poursuite de vos recherches !
  • C’est l’occasion de se faire des nouveaux amis 🙂
  • C’est l’occasion d’étudier plus en profondeur les différentes opportunités offertes par les « grands » de la genealogie ( Ancestry, Familysearch…)
  • Bien que ce soit bondé à ce moment là de l’année, une visite au centre d’étude des mormons ne peut qu’etre un moment extraordinaire!
  • On rencontre parfois des personnes aux parcours extraordinaires,par exemple ce survivant de l’Incendie des grands magasins de l’Innovation en Belgique en 1967 et qui habite Salt Lake!

Et ne voilà que 6 raisons, il en existe bien d’autres ! Pour celles/ceux qui sont aux USA, ce n’est « qu’à » un jet de pierres en avion et pour les personnes venant d’un peu plus loin, c’est un voyage à faire au moins une fois dans sa vie!

Un visiteur de Roots Tech, témoin de l'Incendie de l'Innovation à Bruxelles en 1967.
Un visiteur de Roots Tech, témoin de l’Incendie de l’Innovation à Bruxelles en 1967.



Roots Tech 2017 contest! Concours RootsTech 2017!

I’ve got the luck to be able to go to #RootsTech for the second year and I could meet one lucky winner there!

Soooooooooooooooo if you’re :
– Belgian
– Of Belgian Ascendance

and wish to enter my competition to win a RootsTech pass giving you access to this fab genealogical world show, it’s really easy! Just answer this simple question :

Which community founded Salt Lake City? ( can’t be easier!)

Bonus, if you have Belgian ancestors, I’d really really love to know your story more!

Be sure to drop me an email to BELGIANROOTS AT GMAIL DOT COM to enter with RT Competition in the subject so that I know It’s you! 🙂

Good Luck….and see you in Salt Lake?


( Planes, Hotels and any other expenses involved in the trip are at your cost 😉 )

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Roots Tech is near…

and I’ll be honored to be an ambassador this year! I’ll report on the differents events, guests and beautiful family histories shared with you all and be a firt-hand witness to this world event!

During a week, hundreds will flock to Sal lake City to proudly exchange on family history and more especially its innovation side with thoughts on websites, apps, social networking , virtual reality and I’m missing some out there!

Be sure to come back regularly to check updates and reports on this much awaited time of the year!!!