Family Discovery Day At Roots Tech!

Is in full effets! Families all together , parents and children, grandparents even, all together to search and learn about their roots! It’s so great to see!! Exhibitors offers balloons, badges, pins, you name it and kids are running on errands trying to win at games or have a try at finding great-great-great-great-grandad in the various databases! Such fun! This year is also special with a cake contest and the cakes are all wonderful!!

Steve Lockwood, Familysearch CEO, is so right when he says we’re a great big family!

I so wish Roots Tech could last a year long! 🙂




Research and support!

If you have ancestors in Belgium, Luxemburg, Northern France and (part of) The Netherlands, I can help you find them!  No matter if you need some infos only or a full tree, no research’s too small ! Every research is completed by a report of what found, what not and suggestions on where to look next!

Do contact me at BELGIANROOTS AT GMAIL  DOT COM for a quote and it will be my great pleasure to see what I can do for you!

Support, Help, Assistance, Participation, Board


Great things to see and experience at RootsTech 2017 !

All genies around the globe are getting more excited than kids at Christmas, Roots Tech is getting near !

Meeting at the world capital of family history, thousands will gather to hear, talks,exchanges and discover around our common passion and motivation : genealogy ! I guess the best way to describe the experience is unbelievable !

There are :

– innovations shows where developers, IT people, social networkers and apps-mad crowd meet to build the family history products of tomorrow!

-Exhibitors Hall where companies and societies presents their services and more!

– Conferences, lectures and workshops : To learn from all kind of subjects ,from rookies know-how « I’d like to find my ancestors but haven’t got a clue » to very detailed points or subjects such as dutch, french, belgian 😉 , naval, army, soldiers ancestors and the set of records attached to each of the categories and much more!

This being the U.S. , there are studies and societies for every State and every community. A special attention this year will be to African Heritage with a special dedicated day (and the highlight of it, LeVar Burton, renowned actor from Star Trek, coming to share his genealogical experience and how you too can take part in this great journey!)

-There will be shows as well! I was quite and pleasantly surprised to discover that side of Roots Tech, last time I heard Choirs, popular singers and folkloric band, that was just awesome! My favorite show was a small one,in comparison to shows taking place in the big hall, it was a cow boy dance! Apart from one demo at the belgian national day one year, I had never seen one and  there you go, I was 5 years old again!

There are lots of great things to do, think of and discover at Roots Tech! It »s one of those shows where you leave with a better knowledge, new research paths or thoughts and yes too, feel a better person ! So I can’t wait to renew my RT experience again and meet old and new friends!

Come On’! Join the fun!
















Salon de Paris en vue !

C’est le grand rendez-vous incontournable pour les amateurs de généalogie dans l’Hexagone, le salon de Paris organisé par Archives et Culture vous permettra si vous etes débutant de bien débuter vos recherches avec de précieuses informations et si vous etes déjà un(e) chercheur(e) avancé,  ce sera l’occasion idéale d’orienter vos recherches vers les départements et pays d’origine de vos aieuls. Histoires de Familles y sera bien sûr !

Le programme complet et toutes les informations sont sur







One « normal » day of 1953…

On this 5th day of the year, I’d like to share a nice visit I had two or three summers ago

On the 1st of february 1953, a giant flood made dozens of victims and hundrerds of homeless people in Zeeland. An interesting museum combining memory and knowledge shows the developpement of the day and the aftermath. What happened ? How come there were so many casualties ? How did the flooding affected the lives of the people of Zeeland ? the place provides with answers and such interesting facts, that you’ll get out of it with the feeling of having a more complete idea of those sad events.  Surely worth it if you have dutch ancestors in Zeeland or living relatives there! All infos are to be found at


L’homme a marché sur la lune !

Le 20 juillet 1969, Neil Armstrong était le premier humain à mettre les pieds sur le satellite de la terre !

Une de mes grand-tantes, Lucie, avait précieusement conservé le journal du jour (enfin du lendemain car c’est fête nationale le 21 en Belgique) , en voici la Une ! Bien sûr, je garde précieusement ce superbe trésor !



Challenge A-Z 2016 : I comme….

…. Italie ! Hommage au 70e anniversaire des accords scellant une importante vague d’immigration italienne en Belgique, venant travailler dans les mines !

De nombreux dossiers concernant les italiens de Belgique se trouvent aux Archives Générales du Royaume, n’hésitez pas à les consulter ou à m’envoyer les consulter!

Ca sera un plaisir !

ANZAC Day 2016

Demain se tiendra l’ANZAC Day 2016 commémorant tous les soldats australiens et néo-zélandais morts en service, des suites de leur service ou au service du maitien de la paix.  Initialement prévue pour commémorer l’arrivée des soldats du sud de l’hémisphére à Gallipoli en 1915, ce moment de souvenir fut élargi à l’évocation de tous les soldats australiens et néo-zélandais tombés pendant les guerres.

La cérémonie sera à suivre en direct sur :

Who Do You Think You Are? 2016 is here!

wdytya                                    Who Do You Think You Are? 2016 is here!

This year edition,just like last year’s, will take place at Birmingham’s NEC. The whole genealogical world will be there trying to help in your ancestral quest!

As usual, I’ll be there offering advice and help so do come and say hello!

I’ll be delighted to offer family history support!

Bienvenue! Welcome!

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Pour celles et ceux aux racines irlandaises ( Et ils/elles sont nombreux ! )

N’oubliez pas que malgré la destruction d’une partie des archives lors de la guerre civile en 1922, il y a tout de même moyen d’effectuer des recherches, spécialement dans les registres catholiques mais que la premiere chose à faire est de bien vous assurer, par des actes officiels ( d’etat-civil, de recensement voire mieux, les deux 😉 ) que vos ancêtres viennent bien d’Irlande afin de ne pas perdre du temps ou de l’argent dans des recherches inutiles 😉

Deux liens qui pourront vous aider :


(Pour l’Irlande du Nord, je vous renvoie à )

Une bonne fête tout de même !