Wondered how your ancestors really looked like ?

Look no further! @MyHeritage In Colors new tool is the next best thing!!!

It’s simple, easy to use and fun!!!

What more, you will surely discover details about your ancestors features that you didn’t notice earlier on.

I had the case with a picture of my great-grandmother, realizing how aliker her daughter looked! And I have their black and white pictures on my desk everyday!!!

The original picture is kept of course but yet, you should always remember this : always keep the original source (in a second location), when saving always note that it’s a color edition done on X date so that further generations don’t mix up!!

I’m really stunned by the quality of the colorization, the quickness of it too and also the great emotions felt! That’s an experience you should live too!!

You can try it NOW on MyHeritage InColors !!!

Family Dinner

gerben steenstra-col-II.jpg

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