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Believe it or not, RootsTech 2019 is just around the corner, and we, like you, are busy preparing and getting ready for the best RootsTech yet! We are always thinking as a team about ways that we can make your experience better. That being said, we are excited to introduce a new aspect of our RootsTech team: Roots Crew.

Roots Crew has one job at RootsTech: to spread joy! There are many ways that Roots Crew will fulfill this important responsibility. Here are just a few:

Message Roots Crew through our mobile app

As if you needed another reason to download the app! During conference time, an icon will be added to the home screen titled Roots Crew, where you can directly message the Roots Crew team questions, comments, and concerns. We take attendee feedback very seriously!

Social media

Have you ever tweeted at a company or brand when you’ve loved them or had problems with them? We recognize that social media is an important part of your experience at RootsTech and we love seeing what you have to share. In fact, we have quite a few classes dedicated to the use of social media (link to social media class blog).

Roots Crew will be listening to what you have to say online and looking for opportunities to solve customer problems and spread joy.

Solving problems

Have you ever been walking around and your shoelace broke? Have you developed blisters after a long day on your feet? Have you ever gotten lost while looking for a class? Have you ever spilled on your shirt during lunch? Do you worry that a screw or lens will pop out of your glasses while in a class? Any of those situations can be solved by Roots Crew!

If your shoelace breaks, message us in the RootsTech App and we’ll bring you a new one. Got blisters? We can bring you anti-chafe cream and moleskin. If you get lost searching for that perfect class or exhibitor booth, send us a tweet and we’ll help you find your way. Did you spill on your shirt at lunch? Roots Crew will swing by with stain remover. Did your glasses break? We’d be happy to show up with a repair kit.

So, whether you reach out to us on social media or through the app, Roots Crew will be there to help in any way they can. You will see them wandering around in special T-shirts, prepared to help with whatever situation you find yourself in, and giving away some free swag.

Download our app today on the App Store or Google Play Store.

Don’t forget to follow us on social media! You can find us on Facebook and Twitter. Keep an eye out for upcoming episodes of our Road to RootsTech series, where we will discuss more about Roots Crew and other conference features. »


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