A new and unique coin for Belgium!

You’ll perhaps have heard it already for there  were quite a few french hiccups when it was decided to create a commemoration coin for the bicentenary of the battle of Waterloo. Only a normal thing you’d say.  Just as for any other Mint issues, Europe had to give the green light for Belgium to create a new coin. Those administrative things usually are just for the record and normally going smoothly. Only this time, France put a veto on the issue of the coin commemorating the 200th year of the battle of Waterloo. Yes, you’ve read it right and I had to check on that day if we weren’t on April the 1st! We weren’t and after much talk and discussions, and 175.000 coins already issued and with even french representatives criticized the veto, it was decided to work on a new coin. A new project that wouldn’t offense anybody, let me just state here that there are souvenir-coins issues and sold by a french company on the site of the battlefield itself with Napoleon on it…)  and a 2, 50 euros coins will be issued, with the first one out today. This should make everybody happy this  time and especially the numismatists for that coin has a value of 2,5 euros which normally doesn’t exist in the Eurozone. Yes, you’ve read it right. The coin will be a first and almost certainly…a last!

The coin that was rejected by France
The coin that was rejected by France


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