The Waterloo 200 Descendants Book Project!

Amongst all the projects and spotlights on the battle of Waterloo that emerges in this period of commemoration, if there’s one that definitively wins my heart it’s surely The Waterloo 200 Descendants Book!

All you have to do is to go on the dedicated website (see below) and go on to the descendants book. The e-book then opens and allow you to browse alphabetically through soldiers lists. You can then click on any name that is of interest to you and learn more about the story of the soldier. His fate, whether happy or tragic and interesting facts. Reading those individual stories also helps to have a better understanding of the historical context of the battle and of course of the Battle itself! The book is also to be used as a real digital book whose pages can be turned,one by one and the contributions discovered. It’s really a nice and useful tool!

Lieutenant Henry Petre   Descendants Stories Page 373   Waterloo 200


But the website doesn’t just allow you to learn more about Waterloo Soldiers. If you are a descendant of a Waterloo Battle soldier or if you possess any information that might help the project grow, you can register yourself on the website, log in and add whatever helpful information you have may it be text, illustrations, links etc! Easy process and attractive layout will help you with this! And that’s not all! The ever-in-progress book has secured a partnership with family history website Find My Past to help the public trace their Waterloo Soldiers ancestors and learn more about them! And when you’ve shared your Waterloo stories and images, you can also share it with the world through a sharing tool.

As a family historian, I,of course,really a love at first sight feeling for that project!

Discover it here :

And the rest of the website is just as good! I especially like the objects gallery including the musketball that killed Sr Picton :

A very useful (and nice!) discovery! 🙂

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